resque - circulation gel - 75ml

Resque - Circulation Gel - 75ml (Limited Stock!)

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Limited Edition

Improves circulation and alleviates heavy legs
For tired legs and feet there is nothing better than Annique Resque Circulation gel, a lovely light cooling formula that increases sluggish circulation to soothe and relax those tired legs and feet. 50% of women over 40 complain of tired legs and more than 70% of sufferers say it affects them more than menopause.

If you’re sitting behind a desk all day, blood accumulates in the veins of the legs which leads to congestion and pressure on the capillaries that increases fluid in the muscle tissues. It is this fluid that causes an aching heavy feeling. The natural plant extracts in Resque Circulation help to flush this fluid away.
Application: Apply Resque Circulation Gel in the morning or evening or anytime during the day. Start with the soles of the feet, rub using a circular motion, then move up to the calves and thighs. This helps to reduce swelling and discomfort as a result of poor circulation.

**TIP: Mix Annique ZeroAche+ and Resque Circulation 50/50 and apply to your knees, calves and ankles before you board the plane and once during the flight to avoid swollen ankles and feet.

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