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Colour Caress Moisture+ Violet Lipstick Ltd Ed

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Moisturising Lipstick with Chronomoist+

Chronomoist+ uses entrapment technology that releases moisture over time, ensuring beautifully soft, moisturied lips

Three essential products are needed for fabulous lips:
Moisturising lipstick with Chronomoist+, Retractable Lip Liner and Liquid Lips.

Maximize your pout appeal with a great spectrum of colour that will appeal to all ages.

What is it ?

Rich, colour-intense, moisturising lipstick with exceptional shine. Enriched with Chronomoist+ for continuous moisture release – keeping your lips colourful and comfortable.

Key Ingredients

Chronomoist+ contained in chromospheres, give continuous release of hyaluronic acid, known for its excellent moisturising ability. Rooibos extract for its antioxidant properties


DO Prior to application use a warm, wet face cloth to gently massage your lips to improve lipshape
DON’T Rush lip liner application – if not done perfectly it looks messy and awkward

DO Ensure lasting lip colour by lining and colouring you entire lip with your liner, before applying Moisturising Lipstick with Chronomoist+ or Liquid Lips.
DON’T Wear a dark lip liner with a paler lipstick – it is ageing and looks unnatural

DO Prevent bleeding and feathering lipstick by using your finger to dot a bit of liquid foundation sparingly over your lip and blend in well prior to liner and lipstick application. 
DON’T Use too much gloss as your lipstick will bleed into fine lines and not last very long


• If your lipshape is asymmetrical, subtly correct the outline, just outside your normal lipline and blend in well before applying lipstick.
• The easiest way to balance the appearance of your lips, is by dividing the lip into sections
when applying liner.
• If your lip liner is not exactly the same colour as your lipstick, use a lip brush or cotton bud to smudge the liner inwards towards the centre of the lip to ensure better blending.
• If you have thin lips and want to create larger lips, draw the line just outside the natural lip line.
• If your lips are too full, draw the line just inside the natural lip line to slim them down a touch.
• Shimmery, frosty shades make lips look full and lush.
• Darker shades make lips look thinner and lighter shades make lips look bigger.
• Apply lip gloss to the centre of your lips to enhance attractive full lips.
• Use Liquid Lips to add shine to Moisturising Lipstick with Chronomoist+.

Product code: AG/12747/18

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