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Media Releases

  • parabens.jpg More The Myths about Parabens
    Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical products. They basically give products a longer shelf life.
  • 514_400x400_nopeel.jpg More Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer.
  • lizelle.jpg More I survived cancer! Thank you Annique for your support
    When 34 year old, mother Lizelle Knott was diagnosed with breast cancer 29 January 2014 she was devastated. All the negative emotions of going through chemo came back as this was her second time around. “I had been through chemo for Lymphoma at the age of 17 and I really did not want to go through it again. All the memories of feeling ill and losing my hair came flooding back and I sank into a horrible black hole emotionally.” Lizelle underwent a single mastectomy and immediate had reconstruction on 13 February 2014. She hoped that all would be well but unfortunately she had to be scheduled for chemotherapy in order to prevent recurrence. “As I am only 34 years old, the chemo is a necessity and there was no way I was going to get away without it.”
  • medical.jpg More Use our NAPPI Codes to claim back
    A NAPPI (National Pharmaceutical Product Index) code is a unique coding system for medicines, surgical or consumable products and medical procedures, which allows for a customer to claim a refund from their medical aid. It is, however, not a guarantee that the medical aid will refund the product, as there are different terms and conditions for different medical aids.
  • pippie_kruger.jpg More R90 000 Raised for Pippie Kruger and Jacaranda FM Good Morning Angels
    8th June 2014
    Over the past year, Annique Home Office have been hard at work doing their bit for the community by raising more than R90 000 in support of worthy causes including Pippie Kruger, three year old burn victim from Lephalale and Jacaranda Fm Good Morning Angels.
  • capandscroll.jpg More Annique Academy - Cape Town
    17th December 2013
    Cape Town Consultants who attended the launch of the Annique Academy in the Western Cape were brimming with positive feedback about the new academy. The launch reignited the passion in consultants to continue learning more about Annique.
  • rooibostea.jpg More New Studies Shows ROOIBOS Protects Liver
    7th October 2013
    Exciting new research indicates that consuming Rooibos helps protect the liver against damage and can reverse some of the damage already present in the organ.
  • anneke_kruger.jpg More Cancer Survivors - Using Annique Products - Anneke Kruger & Dalene Richter
    4th May 2014
    Anneke Kruger, Consultant from Kimberley, and Dalene Richter, Consultant from Bloemfontein, are two of our phenomenal Annique women who decided to use Annique products to help say goodbye to cancer. We at Annique honour them by sharing their stories with you during this breast cancer awareness month.
  • bewise_88348.1308133049.1280.12801.jpg More Annique Sun Care Products Offer Ultimate Sun Protection
    10th June 2014
    Annique Sun Care products, which contain the powerful antioxidant properties of Rooibos extract, not only shield your skin from the sun but also offer protective longevity. Our Sun Care range provides the ultimate broad spectrum protection to prevent ageing associated with sun and light exposure.
  • rooibos.jpg More Rooibos: A Multi-Wonder
    7th June 2014
    It is well known that the benefits of Rooibos tea extend far beyond the seams of the actual teabag. Worldwide scientific research was done on this indigenous South African herb, Rooibos, over the past 20 years.
  • bonga_21_maart_2013_4.jpg More Rika's innovative Annique Teen Pamper Parties
    9th June 2014
    After running out of ideas of what to do for her daughter’s birthday in May last year, Rika Stander, consultant from Port Elizabeth, came up with the innovative idea of holding Annique Teen Pamper Parties, which not only solved her problem but also added to her business income.