rika's innovative annique teen pamper parties

Rika's innovative Annique Teen Pamper Parties

9th June 2014

After running out of ideas of what to do for her daughter’s birthday in May last year, Rika Stander, consultant from Port Elizabeth, came up with the innovative idea of holding Annique Teen Pamper Parties, which not only solved her problem but also added to her business income.

Coming up with unique and exciting ideas for a children’s birthday party during the winter months can be quite difficult for mom’s leaving them to use the same tried and tested favourites of taking the children to movies or a restaurant with their friends.

However Rika Stander, Consultant from Port Elizabeth, identified this gap in the market and used it to extend her Annique business further, by introducing the Annique Teen Pamper Party as a birthday party option for mom’s running out of birthday party ideas for their children.

“The thought of Annique Teen Pamper Parties only started when I battled finding fresh ideas for my then five year old daughter’s birthday party in May 2012. I was searching the Internet for party venues, when the idea of introducing skin care to young girls came to mind. I could not find anything related to Pamper Parties for teenagers in the Port Elizabeth area,” says Rika.

She decided to advertise her Annique Teen Pamper Parties on a website offering child-related products and services for newborn to 12 years olds, as a party theme option for mommies to introduce skincare to their daughters in a fun way. The results were amazing!

At the parties, Rika introduces the Face Facts range to the children and allows the girls to do their own facials. The birthday girl is the most important guest and she uses her as her model to demonstrate how to do Annique facials allowing each of the birthday girl’s friends to apply the products step by step.

“The entire session is interactive and I begin with an activity where the children blow into the balloon all sad emotions, anger, hatred and stress feelings. They then sit on the balloon until it bursts. This is one way to get rid of unhealthy emotions, as well as creating a lot of laughter. I also play musical chairs which gets a lot of interaction going. I then do some theory with the girls on how the skin looks under the epidermis, why skin care is important, and the reasons for acne and how to prevent it,” says Rika.

Rika explain to the girls why they should cleanse and the effects of the Annique products on the skin and does a quiz with them after the facials where they can win giveaways, to ensure every girl has learnt something about skin care. Every girl at the party receives an Annique gift too.

“I am serious about helping others and find myself in an organisation who want to do just that. If we teach our young children to look after their skin and take the necessary steps to protect it from the elements, we are giving them a life-changing opportunity and we are doing this having absolutely awesome fun!” says Rika.