cancer survivors - using annique products - anneke kruger & dalene richter

Cancer Survivors - Using Annique Products - Anneke Kruger & Dalene Richter

4th May 2014

Anneke Kruger, Consultant from Kimberley, and Dalene Richter, Consultant from Bloemfontein, are two of our phenomenal Annique women who decided to use Annique products to help say goodbye to cancer. We at Annique honour them by sharing their stories with you during this breast cancer awareness month.

Annique products assist Anneke Kruger’s cancer treatment

Anneke Kruger, Annique Consultant from Kimberley, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer stage 2, in April 2013 and has been undergoing chemotherapy for the last six months. When the doctor confirmed the diagnosis, she says it felt like a huge punch in the stomach.

“I was introduced to Annique for the first time two days before I started treatment and began using the products right away. To date, I have not lost any hair, nor my appetite and have had no side effects since undergoing treatment. Annique has helped keep my immune system strong,” she says.

Anneke says she is so grateful for such awesome products and would recommend them to everybody. She believes in Annique and believes there is a product for everybody, from those who want to stay healthy to those who are sick and need to be healthy again.

“You can minimise the chance of getting cancer by drinking at least six cups of Annique Rooibos tea or drinking a OptiRooibos capsule each day. I also believe in taking OptiToniQ+ to keep your pH levels where they should be, and Resque Hair Nutrition is a wonder product,” she says.

According to Anneke, cancer creates multi-faceted challenges, financially, physically, but most of all mentally, and the most important thing someone can do for you as you go through the disease is to pray, introduce you to Annique and not feel sorry for you. “Every time you go for chemo there may be someone who has passed away and the negativity of that can rub off on you. You need to keep strong mentally to win the fight,” she says.

Anneke says going through the disease has helped her become a better person and she has learnt that if she gives of herself to others, she will receive much more back. “I really want to make a difference in the lives of others, more so than ever before. Cancer makes me realise that life is so precious. Keep your head strong and fight the disease because we as women, wives and moms have so much to live for,” she says.

Dalene Richter is clear of cancer for five years with the help of Annique

Dalene Richter, Annique Consultant from Bloemfontein, has been part of Annique since May 2004 and is regarded as one of the company’s biggest motivators. In September 2013, she reached five years of being free from cancer after first being diagnosed with the disease in August 2008.

Dalene was diagnosed with severe breast cancer at the age of 32 after she felt a big lump the size of a golf ball in her left breast. She says it was a shock to be diagnosed especially when you are so young and even the doctors didn’t believe it.

“Between August 2008 and December 2009, I underwent eight chemo sessions, six weeks of radiation and a double mastectomy. Cancer creeps up on you so fast so you must take responsibility to go for check-ups even at a young age, because if it is diagnosed earlier they can treat it and you can have a long and healthy life,” she says.

Annique products improved Dalene’s quality of life so that she had a better quality of life than most patients undergoing the same treatment. She says she is blessed to have Annique in her life. Dalene thought she was not going to be able to work but she felt so well during the chemotherapy treatment that she continued her Annique work every day.

“Between treatments in 2009, I went overseas with Annique twice. In May 2009 I went to Israel, I qualified for my first Annique incentive trip to Argentina in September 2009 and I won the CEO award that year. If you are sick, you should not be able to keep up with the pace of an overseas trip, but I kept up,” she says.

Dalene believes that God sent the Annique business to her to teach her about healthy living so she could have a good quality of life while undergoing treatment, have financial income when she could not work, and to help others. Through Annique her support system was also much bigger and she says she felt privileged to be in such a good position.

Since her brave recovery, Dalene is always willing to assist those with cancer. She connects with them, motivates them and tells them how Annique products assisted her during her recovery. “I did not choose breast cancer and I couldn’t change the situation, but I could change my attitude and how I handled the disease, day by day, finding the good in every situation.

Cancer made me appreciate every day and everyone who adds value to my life. It reminded me that we are put on earth to make someone else’s life better. Through Annique it feels like I accomplish this every day,” she says.


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