annique sun care products offer ultimate sun protection

Annique Sun Care Products Offer Ultimate Sun Protection

10th June 2014

Annique Sun Care products, which contain the powerful antioxidant properties of Rooibos extract, not only shield your skin from the sun but also offer protective longevity. Our Sun Care range provides the ultimate broad spectrum protection to prevent ageing associated with sun and light exposure.

At Annique we believe sun care forms part of our daily skin care routine and we regard our sun protection products as cardinally important. Skin cancer, sunburn, wrinkles and premature ageing may all be caused by continual and extended exposure to the sun and radiation from lights, computer screens and cellular phones. It is vitally important to protect your skin from these harmful rays by using Annique Sun Care products.

Derma Block SPF 30 is a highly effective, oil-free, water-resistant sunscreen formulated with the organic, water-soluble ingredient Tinosorb, to provide protection from UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays. This ingredient provides additional UV absorption and stabilises other sunscreen compounds to absorb, scatter and reflect rays prolonging the health of the skin.

Derma Block SPF 30 is also photostable which means the UV rays are not able to break the sunscreen down and the UVA/UVB protection filter complex, combined with Rooibos antioxidants restores youthfulness and reduces sun damage.

Safe-in-the-Sun SPF 30 with DN-Age offers optimal UV protection and is non-allergic. This formulation contains DN-Age, Green Rooibos and SPF 30. DN-Age neutralises free radicals and protects the skin cells from DNA damage caused by the sun. Green Rooibos is a powerful natural antioxidant that is anti-allergic and prevents premature ageing. SPF 30 provides 30 times the skins own natural defence against sunburn.

Sun Safety Aerosol SPF 30 is a convenient sun protection spray with the added benefits of the unique Green Rooibos extract to protect the skin against free radical damage from UV rays. This non-stick, water-resistant spray means there will be no more sticky hands or sand in your sun cream. It is suitable for the whole family and is especially appealing to sport lovers who can quickly apply it to any area of the body needing protection without any fuss.

Be Wise SPF 50 with DN-Age is a light, non-irritating cream that can be used to prevent premature aging and has been formulated with the latest technology to provide broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. DNA-Age protects the skin from DNA damage which can cause premature ageing and skin disease.If you make sun care part of your daily skin care routine and use the Annique Sun Care range and other anti-ageing products including Q10 Therapy, Revitalising Cream, Bo-Serum and Crème de Nuit, which also contain antioxidants for the skin, together with continual moisturising, you will have the perfect solution to staying Forever Young.

Research suggests that daily sunscreen use can reduce the signs of ageing by 24%

Queensland Institute of Medical Research conducted a recent study showing the importance of using sun care products to prevent the skin from sun damage. This research shows that it is never too late to start protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging effects.

Dr Annique Theron made this statement boldly decades ago, and whilst the 24% that Australian researchers are claiming today may not have been her exact finding, once again Dr Theron’s own research was ahead of the times and highly insightful.

It is today, still one of the significant differences that Annique users bring into their daily skin care routine. In the harsh South African climate, premium skin protection is not an option, it is an absolute necessity. Sun or skin-ageing is also known as photo-ageing, and it is this very process that the Annique sun-care products are aimed at reducing.

Dr Adele Green, a professor at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia, says that it is never too late to start to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays and to stave off photo-ageing or worse still dangerous sunburn and skin cancer.

As part of the Australian research program, 903 people, aged 55 and younger were selected to participate in the research, to see whether applying sunscreen daily would stall their ageing more than people who used the products at their discretion.

Daily participants used products with a sun-protection factor (SPF) of 15+, and applied it to their head, neck, arms and hands each morning after bathing, and every time they spent a few hours in the sun or sweated profusely.

All were tracked for more than four years. Researchers calculated the daily sunscreen group showed 24 percent less skin ageing than those in the discretionary group by study's end. Sunscreen's anti-ageing properties were observed in all participants who used it daily, regardless of age, meaning adults up to 55 were also protected, indicating that it is never too late to start protecting your skin.


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