annique academy - cape town

Annique Academy - Cape Town

17th December 2013

Cape Town Consultants who attended the launch of the Annique Academy in the Western Cape were brimming with positive feedback about the new academy. The launch reignited the passion in consultants to continue learning more about Annique.

The Annique Academy was successfully launched in Belville in the Western Cape on 27 April 2013. The fully booked course proved to be a huge hit among consultants who attended the day, with Annique Home Office hearing endless amounts of positive feedback about the new academy following the event.

Ronel van Heerden, training manager at Annique, says she was very excited to be part of the launch in Cape Town which included all aspects of training from Lifestyle Training, Pamper Parties, Foot Spas and Colour Caress Workshops, to Skin Care and Business Training.

“The inspiration behind the Annique Academy was developed from the movie ‘Pay it Forward’, which is based on the concept of repaying any good deed to others, and the academy will follow this through with the idea of training the trainer to train her consultants,” says Ronel.

Originally the training consisted of just one intensive training day and was known as Basic Training which resulted in consultants having ‘information overload’. Now the training will be divided into four days, with more specific training on certain areas for each particular day, and it will be more focussed on quality rather than quantity.

There is a need for the Annique Academy to be launched due to the need for training on all newly launched products within the last year. The academy has been created as an umbrella body and also includes all other training such as Leaders Training as well as Presentation Skills and Your Life Your Business Your Future Seminars. A certificate will be issued to Consultants upon completion of each course.

Ronel says the training remains simple, fun and easy, but will now be more specialised, empowering Consultants with knowledge to allow their companies to grow even further. It has interesting and effective information enriching all consultants who attend with valuable knowledge. “The successful launch of the academy in Cape Town has proven there was a need for Annique to revamp the training in an easy to understand, practical and informative way. This launch has reignited excitement in Consultants to enrich themselves again learning more about Annique and its wonderful products,” says Ronel.